6 Search Engine Optimization facts you should know

 6 Essential SEO facts you should know

Search Engine Optimization.  With today’s Modern Age of Website Design, Website Development and Search Engine Optimization technologies its hard to understand the complexity of SEO and how it can benefit your Business. Most Small business owners and Marketing executives might understand the basics of what Search Engine Optimization was in the past. However, technologies and algorithms have changed immensely leaving most people in the dark. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have evolved into algorithmic machines that carefully rank websites based on quite a few topics. This article aims at providing a superior understanding of what Search Engine Optimization can do for you.

Long-term VS Short-term:

The most significant fact about Search Engine Optimization is understanding the difference between Long-term results and Short-term results. The majority of small to medium sized business owners are under the impression that Search Engine Optimization is a straightforward and quick setting that you apply to a site.

If it were that simple, then every single site would rank the first spot on each and every search results within a week. Why do Business Owners or Marketing Managers have this mindset? And more precisely why do they think that SEO is as simple as One Two Three?

To answer those questions, we need to understand the business environment. Basic Business Economics teaches us that business investments should be practiced in a strategic approach with some basic guarantee towards the outcome. Thus the lower the guarantee, the lower the odds of investment.

Now, what’s this got to do with Search Engine Optimization? Well, here’s a quick analogy; Search Engine Optimization is basically like purchasing a vehicle maintenance plan for a new car. In the short-term it might not make any sense however in the long run it would make sense, especially when replacing brakes, filters, tires, etc.

Search Engine Optimization should be backed with a long-term and a short-term strategy. One size doesn’t fit all. Every business, product, service or situation is different, and every business has different business procedures and goals. If someone or some organization guarantee you first spot in SEO, STAY AWAY! No one should or can guarantee top spot, and if they do it’s probably a One stop shop strategy or worse Blackhat SEO.

Most Buisness owners get bombarded with so called “SEO or SMM experts” guaranteeing first spot, typically when registering a new company with Google My Business you can bet that someone will contact you within a month promoting and promising top spot SEO services, remember a Certified Google Partner does not mean anything.

Short-term goals:

When acquiring for SEO services always ask what’s the short and Long-term goals. Short-term goals should always involve the following fundamental steps:


Long-term Goals:

The key to successful Search Engine Optimization results is having a Long-term strategy that’s aimed at your product or business objectives. Businesses get stuck on short-term results and tend to overstep the most important part. Here are some basic steps to consider when planning Long-term goals:

  • Evaluate your Product or Service.
  • What’s your competitions doing?
  • Inbound and Outbound link Building strategy.
  • Social Media platforms. GooglePlus probably the most important one of them all
  • Regular Blog Postings
  • Regular Website Improvements
  • Website Security & Hardening


Brand Building and Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization should be aimed at Building your company brand. Building a company brand does not happen overnight, it takes effort and Online Marketing planning to make a success of it. Just like any Marketing strategy or campaign, Online Marketing should carefully be planned and executed. Here are a few key points when planning your next Online Marketing strategy:

  • Who or what is my target market?
  • Depending on the age demographic. How would they access my site?
  • What kind of Online Marketing Methods would be a success? Remember the only way to know is by trial and error
  • How much are you willing to spend $100, $2000 or $20 000? Your budget is partially based on your Industry and what your competition is paying for their Online Marketing services.


Content King


You might have heard this saying a lot “Content is King”. What does this mean? One of the ways for a Search Engine to know what your site is about is by scanning at your content. The more content there is, the easier you making it for the Search Engine to Index and rank you accordingly. HOWEVER, your content should be original and highly relevant to your Products or Services. It’s not going to useful adding content that does not relate to your products, services or business objectives.

Originality is the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Every single piece of content on all your pages should be Original, content may not be copied from another site, this is seen as plagiarism and Google demote sites that contain any form of Plagiarism. Content should be original even on your subpages, avoid using the same content on multiple pages. Best practice is to prevent copying and pasting content from one page to another. Stick with originality; no one can explain your products and services better than you.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)


One of the Key points I’ve already mentioned in the Brand Building and SEO topic is SMM. Social Media Marketing is part of the Long-term SEO strategy; it ’s important to have an efficient SMM strategy you can follow. Social Media Marketing should be done across the board with as many social media platforms relevant to your industry. If you’re in the Construction and Home Renovation industry your primary social media platform may be Houzz. If you’re a design agency like Ullaco Corp, your primary Social Media Platform may be Behance. Selecting the right SMM strategy is important for it to be a success.

GooglePlus should always be part of your Social Media Marketing strategy if you don’t have a GooglePlus account get one right now. GooglePlus might not be as successful or as popular as Twitter or Facebook, but Google uses GooglePlus to monitor your websites overall Social activity. Make sure to post regular and DO NOT post topics, items or discussion not relevant to your industry.

Link Building and Why


Link Building can be a daunting task to accomplish however it’s not that difficult. Link Building should always be part of both Short-term and Long-term Search Engine Optimization strategies. Link Building helps your sites popularity and most important your ranking. Having your sites referenced on a High traffic site helps with ranking.

Your site is piggybacking off the other sites popularity thus boosting your site’s popularity. Unfortunately Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter does not count, the same with any other Advertisement methods. DO NOT buy Inbound links.

Your voice your Brand


The most powerful way of boosting any website, product, services or brand is Word of Mouth. Solely concentrating in Online Marketing to promote your site might not be enough, especially in the beginning. The best form of marketing is Word of Mouth. Go out there and tell everyone about your site, advise your sales team to push your website. An excellent Online marketing strategy will only work if your entire workforce stands behind it.

If there is one takeaway from this article, it should be this. Do not trust companies or individuals when they state or promise that they can guarantee your business a top ranking position or First-page spot. Always and always make sure that you have a Long-term and a Short-term strategy. Ullaco Corporation specializes in SEO services; we can help with your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

-Jaques Botha

Ullaco Corporation a Website Design and Website Development Agency within Calgary, Alberta