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Local Website Design and Web Development Agency.
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A Brief Look At Our Company History

At Ullaco Corp we make great websites. Websites that not only look good, but are responsive and well written, with unique content created by our in-house team. Our premium web design and website development company is based right here in Calgary. Which means you can always get in touch with us or come by our boardroom and see where things are at. Open lines of communication are key to any project, which is why we’re always available for a quick chat if you have a question about your website.

Our agency has over 17 years of combined universal professional web design and website development experience. As one of Calgary’s top web design and development companies we offer premium digital solutions to anyone looking to take control of their online presence. One of the ways we do this is with handcrafted, custom web designs. Our SEO services are an important part of the overall package. By having content created for you with search engine optimization in mind we’ll get your website to rank highly, bringing in new people to check out its attractive new look.

We offer a wide variety of strategic services including custom website development, search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing & strategic planning, corporate & product branding strategies, and website maintenance and repair. We also offer IT managed services for Office365 integration. When you work with Ullaco Corp, you’re receiving the support of an agency that has award-winning experience building websites.

Our web development team works with you to ensure you’re happy every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about our all-in-one solutions, which include providing both a gorgeous and responsive website — taking design and development into consideration — and a digital marketing strategy to make sure it translates into more business for your company. Ullaco wants to help your business grow in ways you’ve never dreamed of. The first step is here.

Once you begin working with Ullaco, your business becomes our business. Our Calgary SEO experts and website designers will dive into what makes your business tick, who your clients are and then create a custom look with content geared to the right people. Strategic planning for your website begins with meeting our development team, content team and designers. This way we make sure your site gets off on the right foot.

Because we work with clients in a variety of industries from health care to construction, our team has the experience you want when it comes to creating a website that works for your business. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, we can help guide you on best practices and show you a few different design styles to get the creative juices flowing. Everything we make is custom, high-quality and built in house by our Calgary web design company. We never use templates, which means if you can envision it, there’s a good chance we can do it.

We pride ourselves on our web designs, which are some of the best on the market. Our custom designs originate from the strategic planning and execution mentioned above. There are a lot of self-proclaimed website designers out there, but they can’t deliver a tenth of what we offer. Our work speaks for itself, and the results are more than evident. With over 17 years combined experience in the web design and web development industry, we’ve got your back.

We are a proud to work with both local and international clients. Everything we do is at full-throttle. We never take half-steps and we never second-guess. We are confident with our work and we feel that you should be, too. Visit our portfolio to learn more about the work we’ve done and see firsthand the work we could do for you. Contact us for a free quote for your company. It’s time for you to take initiative and make your online experience work for you.

Website Design Portofolio

Ullaco Corp originally started in Calgary offering the best website design services. We’ve been rapidly growing ever since. We offer website design services to Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Kelowna. With that said, all our custom website design projects are based on a robust online marketing strategy. We offer mobile-friendly website designs that engage your visitors.

Vector drawn trees and mountains showcasing nature

Premium Web Design

We provide the best website design services in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Kelowna. No Cookie-Cutter website builders, all custom.

E-Commerce Sites

We specialize in custom built online web stores. This includes, product setup, payment gateways, POS integration, shipping API implementation  & more.

Organic Ranking

Organic ranking and growth comes from having a great marketing strategy. Our aim is to provide solutions that can help your business grow.

Pay Per Click & Google

Our PPC Advertising is a great short-term solution to most small business owners. Pay per click advertising can help you increase your website traffic in no time.

Our Management Team

Our Primary Online Marketing Services

Jaques Botha

CEO & Owner

Jaques has been part of the Website Design and Website Development industry for more than ten years. Jaques primary objective is to deliver excellent product and service satisfaction. Communication is essential, and Jaques believes that successful Project completion lies in the proper Communication.

Shannon McClure

Business Development Manager

Shannon’s main objective at Ullaco is to bridge the gap between business development and client relations and expectations. Shannon also oversees the content & copy-writing department to ensure successful project completion. Shannon has more than ten years of experience in journalism.

Justin Zilles

Account Manager

Justin has been part of the sales and client relations department at Ullaco Corp for more than a year. His main objective is to build lasting relationships with all of our clients, while determining what their needs are & helping them achieve those goals. He a great track record in account management.

Benford Ashton

Head of Development

As head of development, Ben oversees and assists with all website development projects. Ensuring quality and consistency throughout all project development. Ben’s dedicated development team  is responsible for taking a project design and site-map to a fully functional user-friendly website solution. Ben has more than 15 years experience in back-end web development.

Christina Ryan

Professional Photographer

A former Calgary Herald staff photographer, Christina Ryan knows her way around a camera and a photo subject. Dedicated to her craft, she provides exceptional quality images that bring new life to the photo. Her warm personality puts clients at ease as she captures their business. Quality images are important to a website, and with Christina that’s exactly what Ullaco clients get.

Roald Palaya

Front-end Web Development Lead

Roald Palaya has recently joined our team as one of our outstanding front-end web development leads. He has great amount of experience in building and testing front-end websites to ensure optimal performance. Roald is in charge of responsive web development and user functional testing, to ensure all website project are delivered with all boxes checked off.