Leclair Thibeault

Leclair Thibeault Barristers & Solicitors contacted Ullaco Corporation to redevelop and redesign their website to be more responsive and more professional. Their previous website was roughly 15 years old and was long overdue for a revision. With this in mind, Ullaco Corp created 3 complete designs to offer their clients. This is a service that we aim to provide to all of our clients. We draft up 3 fully finished designs and let the client choose which they like, and then from there, they can revise it further.

As an agency, we take great pride in our web development and design services. As an award-winning agency that’s based in Calgary, we spend a huge amount of time in planning and research for any and all of our clients. We ensure that the quality we deliver exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Leclair Thibeault was looking for a professional, corporate, and responsive website to act as a leads generating platform and a resource for anyone looking for their services. As practitioners of most legal aspects (except for criminal), they had a wide variety of services to offer. The website was to be made with a community-focus, and we made our designs based on these prompts.

The final design they went with was very conservative, with a simple font typography that worked well with the design but wouldn’t take away from the actual content being written. The design’s colors consisted of a variety of light and dark blue, with secondary colors being light black and gray. We didn’t want the color of the site to take away from what was being said. We also ensured that the targeting strategies for our SEO specifically targeted local customers in Calgary.

Lastly, we put a lot of emphasis on their call-to-action. We wanted to make sure that customers could easily access personnel at Leclair Thibeault. A clear and concise call-to-action that was easy to access would draw in more leads.