Colwick Corporate Travel

Colwick Corporate Travel reached out to us at Ullaco Corp for an update to their website, both development, and design using our web services. Their main goal was to create a corporate travel website that was modern, yet basic. They wanted a simple website that was easy to navigate and that’s nice. They wanted all the bells and whistles, but they wanted it to scream simplicity.

We incorporated various elements into their website at the time of the redesign. We made more modern choices for their website’s elements, like pop-up boxes and responsive movements. We wanted to make sure that the website was simple without taking away the “wow” factor from it.

For the site, we wanted to focus on how Colwick Corporate Travel could assist companies in managing business travel itineraries. We emphasized the use of statistics and numbers within our written content to accentuate Colwick Corporate Travel’s focus on being a credible source for corporate travel management.