Curb Design Inc.

Ullaco Corporation was asked to help redesign and redevelop the website for Calgary-based landscaping company “Curb Design Inc.”. They requested a website that would be more modern and easier to navigate, one that would work in their favor. Our goal in providing them an updated website would be to rank for specific keywords that our clients targeted using SEO marketing strategies.

Their previous website wasn’t providing the traffic and leads that they hoped it would give, so our main task was to ensure that their website was easy to use and find for potential customers. By drawing inspiration from the things their old site did right, we built a foundation and design that would highlight all of Curb Design’s strongest points.

One of the main things we also did was to focus on search engine optimization for their site. SEO is often overlooked as a secondary task to accomplish in a website, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. SEO is one of the strongest inbound generation strategies in digital marketing, and it should not be ignored. When you rank your website on relevant and popular keywords, you can suddenly gain more organic traffic that has a high conversion rate, due to their relevance.

This is the type of long-term strategy that we chose to employ with Curb Design Inc, as they wanted to use their website as a primary way of generating new leads and customers to their site. They also wanted it to act as a resource for homeowners to learn more about landscaping and what it entails.

When designing the site, we focused on their target market to draw inspiration. For landscaping needs in Calgary, the target market is generally an older crowd, so we didn’t want to make the site too complicated or fancy. We went with a simplistic design that offers any relevant information up front. We also chose to use a lot of visuals to make the site more compelling. We chose images that exemplified our client’s excellent landscaping services.

The results? The company has grown quite fervently ever since the website. They’ve increased their vehicle pool by up to 20 new service trucks, and they hired up to 30 new employees due to their increase in business.