Raecor Contracting Website Design

Raecor Contracting Ltd is a landscaping company based in Calgary, and they were in need of a website redesign. Their main goal was to generate and develop a web presence online to create new leads for their business. Lead generation was their most important factor when asking for this redesign, so we had to plan out all of our web design strategies to coincide with this goal.

Raecor Contracting Ltd was looking for a modern website, one that shows off the latest chops in the industry, but without being too difficult to use for your average consumer. We decided to go with big visuals, big font, and lots of supporting content to show their credibility. We also wanted to focus on the use of a strong and easy Call-to-Action, so we placed a call-to-action form in the middle of the page and at the bottom of the page. Our content provides support that our client, Raecor Contracting Ltd, is credible and good at their job. The goal is that this supporting evidence converts readers into potential customers through the callback forms.

We also decided to go with an active color, orange-red, to accentuate the website. As a service-based company, we wanted to ensure that the testimonials for this company were prominent. Testimonials are an important factor for a customer’s trust in a company, so we wanted to make sure that the testimonials were easily read by all potential customers. Near the bottom of the page, we also included a gallery portfolio of the work Raecor Contracting Ltd has done to provide a deeper view on the possibilities that their clients can get by working with our clients.

In the end, our design focused on increased leads through our Call-to-Action forms, which were provided more prominently, and a matching color scheme that would not overpower the content that was being displayed on the site, but would still be active and strong enough to leave an impact.