Skyplan Aviation

Skyplan Aviation reached out to our team at Ullaco Corp to redevelop and redesign their entire website. This global company that is headquartered in Calgary specializes in Aviation and wanted their website to show this clearly. They were very particular about the design elements and wanted to ensure that their vision would be fulfilled, and that’s why they chose Ullaco.

The first subject that we had to touch on was their web design. Skyplan Aviation required something that was custom-built and clean. They wanted simple. We offered several suggestions for design themes until they chose the current one they’re using, which runs on teal and dark blue shades. The UX and UI design were also heavily geared towards potential customers. We wanted to make the website interactive without taking away the responsiveness elements on the website. We also wanted to make the Skytools more prominent for customers to use, adding access to tools that provide value to the right side of the website.

As a flight-planning company, we centralized all of our imagery to revolve around aviation. We wanted to drive home that Skyplan Aviation offers professional and premium aviation services. We made the site easy to read and easy to access. Buttons were made clear and call-to-actions were all offered early on in the page. We also wanted to highlight Aurora, Skyplan Aviation’s award-winning platform, in specific areas so that potential customers could find more information regarding it.

The end-result is a website that is both responsive and easy to navigate through. The website now offers all of the information on the front page, easy to find and clear. We’ve also improved the speed of the website and how it loads up. Our main goal was to maximize the user’s experience on the website and to inform them of the services and products that Skyplan Aviation offers.