St Nick Studios

St Nick Studios is a local Calgary home decor eCommerce store that requested a new website development and website design for their store. Their main goal was to have a simple design that would cater to their customer’s online purchasing experience. They wanted an eCommerce site that would make it easy for customers to find their product offerings and to make the purchase easily.

We started by making the site very visual heavy. We wanted to showcase what St Nick Studios could offer and why they are a website that their customers should buy from. We also wanted all of the elements on their website to be easy to navigate. We made sure that all of their product categories were clear and that customers could find their most popular goods easily.

In the end, the website design mainly consisted of red, white, and black color schemes, similar to the logo that St Nick Studios uses. We also made the website more responsive for all platforms to access and it is now faster than ever, a beneficial factor to have in a website.