Superior Stone Knoxville

Superior Stone Knoxville, a granite supplier based in Knoxville, requested a new website design to further grow their website and to update their old website design. They also wanted us to generate new content for their site so that they could build up their page ranking on search engines.

Our website design revolves around showcasing their main product offerings and strong web copy to build up authority on search engines. We created all of the SEO copy on the website to cater to those needs. The website also had to be informative, one that current and potential customers could use as a resource for all countertop installation projects.

We wanted to offer a lot of valuable information in the front of the page, both through text content, photos, and videos. We also ensured that all of the SEO web copy is up-to-date and targeting the main keywords that our client, Superior Stone Knoxville, was looking for.

The results? Superior Stone Knoxville’s website was ranked #1 on their keywords and the new website contributed to the substantial growth in their business. They have constantly generated new leads for their business on a daily business, both calls and walk-ins. They also opened their own factory to facilitate their business.