The Mortgage Group Inc.

The Mortgage Group Inc. has been in business for over 20 years and were in dire need of an update to their website. Their website has been outdated for a while and was not as responsive as they would’ve hoped. Ullaco Corp was contacted to redevelop and redesign the website from the ground up. Our aim was to promptly offer a website design that was built on a strong development foundation. They asked us to design a sleek and minimalistic design that would make it easy for potential customers to approach them for quotes on getting mortgages. Their design also incorporates a lot of elements that would push new homeowners towards them.

The Mortgage Group Inc. handles mortgage loans for new and current homeowners. They also offer other such services within the mortgage niche. Our design heavily relies on visuals and simple designs that are responsive. We incorporated various images that depicted homes, both common and luxurious ones. Visual content provides higher rates of engagement than other such content and is a great way to capitalize on the traffic that our website would generate. We made sure that the website was easy to navigate and fast. A slow website would hinder all of the efforts we put into the website’s design and aesthetics, so we focused on ensuring that customers would not have to worry about load times. It also checks off another requirement on gaining better SEO rankings.

Ullaco Corp provided a long-term SEO strategy for the Mortgage Group Inc. site. We completed all of the on-page web copy for them to get them started in ranking for keywords. Their website is currently ranking on the first page for selected keywords that are specific to their niche. We also made sure that their website was easily accessible for local markets and customers, as they are based in Calgary, Alberta.