Great Website Design. Easy Steps to Better Your Design

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Website Redesign. Why it's important. Website Trends change on a regular basis

Great Website Design & Website Design trends. Your Website Design is the most important part of your site. If you don’t have a great looking modern website design, then chances are you are losing visitors and conversions. So how do you determine whether or not your site design is working for your business?

A great website design does an excellent job in showcasing your products or services. A bad website design, however, damages your business identity and destroys customer trust.

I’ve seen allot of small Businesses close up shop because business owners don’t spend enough time analyzing their core Business marketing process. In other words, make some extra time to go through your marketing plan. Most Importantly, make sure to include Online Marketing. Allot of companies do not include Online Marketing because they feel that it’s not that important.

In this article, I will showcase a few easy steps you can take Better Your Website Design. First, I will discuss why simplicity works and why complicating your site with unwanted content does not work. Second, I will touch base on site planning, how a little bit of planning can go a long way. Third, I will discuss the basic of User Experience. And last but not least, the importance of choosing the right colors and the right amount of colors.

Start with Simplistic

A couple of years ago a local recruitment agency asked me to redesign and redevelop their website design. Nothing too special. They wanted a site that’s modern and easy to manage. However, after working with them for a couple of weeks, I quickly realized that they wanted a monster of a website that’s entirely Out-of-Scope.

This recruitment company wanted landing pages with features completely unrelated to their line of business. On top of that, they lacked planning and research to execute a project plan accurately. A shoot from the hip mentality. They tried to complicate the website with Flash banners and jQuery features. In their mind, it was more important to lure visitors into particular products or services they offered.

When Improving a Website Design the first question you should ask yourself is; Where can I simplify? Simplification is the way forward. Visitors do not want to be overwhelmed with endless pages of data or links. Keep it simple! The key to any successful website design. Slice off the extra pages that’s not performing well. If you’re not gaining any SEO activity from a page, then get rid of it or combine it with another page. Before removing or changing any content or pages on your website always make sure to check your site analytics before you make any changes.

Website Planning goes a long way.

As with my recruitment client, it all could’ve been avoided with proper planning and research. I know I mention this a lot, but thorough planning and investigation are essential to the success of any project. Apart from keeping your website design simple, it’s just as important to plan and conduct market research before jumping into any website design or website development. Here are a few Key points to remember when doing research:

  • Competitors. What’s your competitors doing in your market? It’s important to understand your market and analyze your competition.
  • Stand Out. How am I going to rule the industry? Don’t think small think big. Invest your time, effort and money in product and company branding so that you’re unique in every single way possible.
  • After the Fact. Part of the planning should go into after you have launched. Keep in mind that a newly design website won’t attract visitors overnight. You still need to have an action plan.

The User Experience

The User Experience. It’s all in the name. When you design or redesign your website, the primary purpose should be the User Experience. How will my visitor Experience the overall design of the site?

One of the main reasons why Kijiji and Ebay never redesign there is website is because they are in fear that people will retaliate and stop using their site. Why fix something that’s not broken right? Well, that is exactly the mindset you should avoid when designing a website.

There is always room for improvement no matter what or who you are. It’s your job to determine where you can improve. Experienced UX UI Professional like myself can help you identify where you need to improve.

Choosing the Right Colors

In Conclusion, a great website design goes hand and hand with the right colors and media. With my experience, I can tell you that choosing the right colors and make or break your website design. The rule of thumb when selecting your site colors is to start with your primary color. Avoid aggressively, bright colors. It’s proven to distract people or throw people off. A great tool to use is COLORHUNT. Color-Hunt is a great website to get some color ideas and combinations.

Keep your colors simple. Never overdo website design colors. Two to Three colors are the maximum amount of colors you want to use on a website. Of those two to three colors, you should only have one primary color like red or green or blue. Furthermore, never combine Red, Green or Blue. These colors tend to cause terrible website designs when grouped together. A great color scheme to stick with is something like Red, Black, and White. Simplistic yet it makes a great impact. And a great impact is all you need to achieve Great Website Design status.