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A Talented Web Developer Makes A Big Difference

In most cases, responsive web development highly depends on the overall website design. User Experience is key in creating a compelling website with a great Return on Investment (ROI). In fact, case studies have shown that websites which lack user experience, tend to have a significantly lower closing rate. It’s important to realize that a website should always be easily accessible regardless of the browser or device.

In the past website development was pretty straight forward. Most businesses employed a freelance web developer and the website was completed with no marketing thought. Websites were seen as digital brochures that only showcased basic business attributes. Not only was this easy to create but it was also quite affordable for the business owner. Designers and developers were more focused on creating complicated User Interface techniques, rather than focusing on the end user experience.

Modern websites, however, largely focus on the end user. We have great tools that help us strategically analyze the behavior of the website visitor. Overall, a website should always be seen as marketing solution that allows your business to grow.

The Era of Responsive web Development

How Search Engines Play An Important Role.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo played an important role in responsive web development. As part of their algorithm changes, they favoured websites that adapted to mobile-friendly development. Web development agencies had to adapt quickly.

Responsive development changes on a daily basis. Not to make it more complicated but rather to streamline and make websites more efficient. The end goal of any web developer should be the performance and efficiency of their website project. Google Chrome has a fantastic auditing tool that analyzes the performance of any website. It’s important to review reports like these. It gives a web developer insight into how well a website performs.

How does Responsive Mobile Web Development Work?

An Insight View Of Mobile, Tablet And Small To Large Desktop Development.

Responsive website design and website development refers to creating a website that can easily be viewed on mobile, tablet and desktop. It allows the end user to navigate to a single URL, regardless of the device. HTML5 and CSS3 was introduced for this purpose. With that said, style-sheets or CSS have the tendency to become extremely unmanageable.

As part of an efficient solution, Sass and Less were created to alleviate the burden for web developers. Sass and Less development allows a web developer to easily manage and streamline style-sheets based on certain scenarios. Those scenarios include responsive mobile development, device width, animation and removing repetitive code.

It’s important to realize that responsive web design leads to more developer hours. In fact, a modern website involves creating separate code for mobile, tablet and desktop. Overall, the responsiveness needs to be accomplished in the most efficient way possible.

Our talented web application developers use extensive tools to analyze a websites performance. As mentioned above, Google Chrome is great tool to audit a site. However, third party tools like GT-Metrics and Ping Dom Tools are also critical in ensuring optimal website performance.

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The lifespan of a Website

How Often Should I Re-Develop My Website?

A well-optimized website should last a business 2 to 4 years. In general, websites are only re-developed if the business owner is not satisfied with their current site. Alternatively, websites are also overhauled because of out-dated development tactics or business goals and objectives that change.

Our main focus is to provide a website solution that will last for a long time. We do, however, know and understand that technology changes on a daily bases. Therefore, we focus on creating compelling website designs aimed at delivering exceptional Return on Investment.

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Website Efficiency and Performance

The foundation of a successful web development project.

Performance and efficiency of a website plays an important role in organic ranking and user experience. In most cases, you only have 5 to 7 seconds to get your message across. Website visitors have a question or desire and your website should have the answer. Website performance is key in ensuring that you benefit from that 5 to 7 seconds. A great, well-established website guides the user to the information they are looking for.

Key Web Development Points

A few important notes to keep in mind when creating a responsive website:

  • Dedicated Hosting Equals Great Performance. Dedicated hosting is a key component in having a fast loading website. It allows your website to have dedicated resources to easily load when requested.
  • Minimized Or Optimized HTML, CSS And JavaScript. A web browser loads a website from top to bottom. The more website code, images or libraries your website has, the longer it will take to load. Websites normally bottle-neck if the site is not well optimized.
  • CDN Or Content Delivery Network. CDN is another great solution to a web developers disposal. It allows your website to efficiently load from multiple sources, thus eliminating the bottle-neck effect.
  • Responsive Website Design. Part of creating a compelling website is to ensure that your website is specifically created for your audience. Your design should allow your website visitor to easily navigate throughout the website with ease. Google Analytics is a great tool to analyze how your visitors respond to your site.
  • HTTPS and Website Security. You can never go wrong with implementing proper security procedures. HTTPS is pretty standard for most websites nowadays. However, extra steps should be taken to ensure a website is completely secured. Hosting environments also play a very important role in securing a website . Last thing you want is to deal with a hacked website.
  • Website Caching. Last but not least, website caching allows the browser window to load the website without requiring external resources. Caching creates a static image of your website that can easily be loaded. Cloudflare is probably the most popular Caching solution for most websites.

Website Development Costs

What To Expect When You Need A New Website.

Website development costs greatly depend on the type of website you need. In some cases, maintenance costs or monthly fees can be expected for general optimization. Search Engine Optimization or SEO normally fits within the maintenance of the website. Website maintenance is important because technology changes on daily basis. For example, your smartphone constantly needs to be updated. The same goes for your website.

Updates are crucial for any website to run smoothly. Some of the weekly or monthly updates normally help streamline a site. Certain updates can cause major issues or in rare cases “break” a website. Therefore, it’s advisable to get a reputable web development company to assist in any updates.

We know that website development costs can seem complicated. Because of that, we try and keep our entire process straight forward and to the point. As part of our process we provide our clients with detailed documents outlining the entire project, from start to completion. Our estimate includes website design cost, development costs and more.

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