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Search Engine Optimization & SEO Services explained

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an ongoing service that helps increase a specific website or web page’s online presence or online visibility. The term “SEO” only refers to organic ranking and not paid advertisement. As a matter of fact, most business owners or marketing managers tend to confuse organic ranking with paid advertising. With that said, both search engine optimization and Pay Per Click advertising play an important role in online marketing efforts.

Any type of business can benefit from organic ranking. From a small mom and pop shop to a large enterprise. A majority of our clients have seen a dramatic Return On Investment when they acquired our SEO strategy services. SEO ranking rarely happens overnight, that’s why it’s important to trust in the process.

Search engine optimization normally gets divided into two main categories. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. It’s important to note that search engine optimization should never be seen as “cheating the system” or a “quick fix.” Rather, it should be seen as a long-term strategy to help your business grow organically.

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC) vs Organic Ranking

As mentioned above Pay Per Click, or paid search, can be beneficial for some organizations. It allows a website and its landing pages to display on the first page of search results without any effort. In fact, we’ve seen that Pay Per Click advertising largely depends on your target market and your demographic. Research has shown that certain age groups tends to avoid ads altogether. With that said, Pay Per Click campaigns can be a tremendous boost to your websites overall traffic if done right.

Organic ranking on the other hand should be the main priority for any business owner, marketing manager or web administrator. It allows for websites gain organic traffic within certain search results. The search results are based on what type(s) of keywords are being searched by the user. Basically, Google or Bing has the question and your website has the answer. In conclusion, organic traffic is an ideal scenario for any business. Your website should be working as hard as you. A good Return On Investment (ROI) largely depends on increasing website traffic.

Increased Website Traffic & ROI

Ranking for online search results is heavily dependent on creating impactful website content. Your website content needs to get the message across, in a short and meaningful way. It has to answer the question that people are asking search engines. Online planning and a detailed content strategy go a long way. A good content copywriting strategy will make your website robust and help boost traffic to your site. Overall, increased website traffic leads to a healthy return on investment and high conversion rates.

Outranking Your Competitors

Common SEO questions we get are; “How do I outrank my competitors?,” “How do I reach the top?,” and “When will I see results?” Just like you are the expert of your business, our team are the experts at ours. Outranking your competitors can seem like a daunting task. However, our SEO experience speaks for itself. Dominating the organic rankings starts with having a solid web design, a proper marketing strategy & industry research.

That’s why it’s important to put your trust in a team that has the experience to do it right. It really does come down to trust. You need to trust the process, the team and the digital marketing strategy. If you don’t have that faith in the process and begin changing things quickly and often, its harder for search engines to qualify the data it’s crawling.

Local SEO & Its Importance

Local SEO is a natural fit for most businesses with a storefront. However, it can be beneficial for any type of business. Local SEO is a specific search engine optimization technique focusing on promoting products or services in a specific geographical area.

For example, when searching “dry cleaners near me.” Ideally a local dry cleaning company nearby would like to appear at the top for that search result. Using local SEO strategies, like having a well-optimized Google My Business page, will help achieve that goal.

Our SEO Strategy & Focus

For us it’s all about providing a full service catered to our clients. Our SEO approach is focused on providing a long-term Search Engine Optimization strategy. We create content tailored to your business goals and objectives. Your website should not be your only lead generation tool. While it is an important factor in your overall sales strategy, and not one that should be ignored, it’s only one component. A solid marketing plan in addition to your website is encouraged.

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