Online Marketing Strategy, 2019. Increase business growth

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A well written online marketing plan or digital marketing strategy is essential for any small to large business. Regardless of your target audience or the type of clientele you have.

A lot of business owners don’t feel it’s necessary to abandon traditional marketing tactics. Why? Well, most people think it still works. Does it work, though? Traditional marketing will always have its place in an overall marketing world. However, the way people gather product or service information has changed significantly in the last few decades.

In this article, I will cover a few important tactics that can help you increase your business growth and online presence. Keep in mind; you will have greater success if you have a well thought over marketing plan.

What are good marketing strategies for a small business?

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A great marketing strategy starts with analyzing your organizations’ metrics. Marketing strategies should be built on facts, not opinion. First and foremost, as a business owner or marketing manager, you need to know and understand the entire process of your business.

For example, I’m the business owner of Ullaco Corp, a digital marketing agency in Canada. As the owner of this organization, I know what it takes to deliver any of our services. I have the insight to sell and market the company. Therefore, it’s much easier to create a marketing plan because of the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered since opening my company.

Key points any marketing strategy should have

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As mentioned above, any business plan or marketing strategy should be built on facts. Here are a few key points, any marketing or online marketing strategy should have:

  • Product and Service Profit or Loss. This is more a business plan point however, it does play it’s part in marketing too. Analyzing your product or service starts with determining whether or not you are generating a profit. That generated profit can partly be used for your marketing budget.
  • What makes your business unique. As a business owner, you should see your business as unique and one of a kind, regardless of your product or service. You have to ask yourself; What makes my business superior to my competitors? I always recommend creating a short paragraph that outlines the uniqueness of your organization.
  • Understand your audience. Now, this is where most business owners get it wrong. Make sure to look at the facts rather than your own opinion. Your marketing efforts should align with what your audience is looking for. Your potential client has a specific need, and your product or service is the solution.
  • Problem-solving solution. In most cases, people use products or services to solve a specific problem. You need to be the solution to your potential clients’ problem. For example, small to large businesses hire Ullaco Corp to assist in creating an entire marketing solution. Why? Because our clients are looking at increasing their revenue, website traffic, or conversion. Their problem lies in getting better ways of increasing marketing efforts, and Ullaco Corp is the solution.
  • Plan, write, and execute. It’s important to see things through. Make sure to create an ideal marketing plan. Furthermore, make sure to implement it. Things can get extremely busy but stick to your guns and make sure your marketing plan gets done. Alternatively, hiring an external resource can lessen the burden. At the end of the day, as a director, owner, or manager, you need to run a business.

The ultimate guide to a successful Online Marketing Strategy

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Online marketing directly effects your general corporate marketing strategy. In fact, most business owners overlook their marketing strategy and jump right into online marketing. With that said, nothing wrong with doing it that way. However, I’ve seen great success by implementing a proper overall strategy from the get-go.

Below is a great guide to get things going with an online marketing strategy or digital marketing plan.

Analyze your current website.

Website flowchart sitemap part of analyzing a current website

First off, website conversion is essential to any successful online marketing strategy. What is website conversion? Website conversion refers to a website visitor turning into a lead or customer. It is important to determine if your website is user-friendly and easily accessible. Keep in mind that you only have a few seconds before the visitor will move on.

Responsive Website Design

Laptop, Tablet and mobile showcasing responsive website design

Another critical point, responsive websites have a much higher conversion rate than their counterparts. In fact, major search engines like Google and Bing are penalizing websites that are not responsive.

What is a responsive website? Responsive refers to a website or web page that can quickly render on any mobile, tablet, and small to large desktop. With that said, make sure your current site is mobile-friendly and uses a fluid grid system like Bootstrap.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO Strategy

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Search engine optimization or SEO is a word that is used a lot in our industry. Yet, most business owners don’t know what it actually refers to.

SEO optimization refers to the practice of constantly improving, updating and modifying a website. This includes web content writing, blog posting, social media posting, email marketing and more. Overall, search engine optimization’s primary purpose is to rank a website organically to the first page of any search engine. SEO services should be the foundation of any online marketing strategy.

Ultimately this service allows companies like Ullaco Corp to assist in improving organic traffic. It’s important to realize that no one can or should guarantee you first page Google or Bing listings. If someone pitches SEO services with guarantees, then it’s best to end the call.

Website Content & Copy-writing Strategies

Business man writing website content and working on his business strategy

I’ve been in a lot of meetings where clients want their website to be clean with little to no content. A simplistic website might look great, and it might feel like to right approach. However, simplistic websites don’t cut it when it comes to organic ranking and improving website conversion. Don’t get me wrong, a website design should still be clean but you do need a certain amount of website content on each page.

Each page on your site should have a minimum of 3 to 500 words per page. Always make sure that your website content is specifically written to target your potential customers. In fact, a content marketer is almost a necessity when writing website content.

Topic research can also tremendously improve the quality of your website content. Topic research normally includes:

  • Competitor research.
  • Target audience research.
  • High to low searched keywords.
  • Demographic analysis.

Website Performance & loading

Frustrated Businessman waiting for a slow website

Site performance is a big deal! Waiting for a website to load can be extremely frustrating. In fact, a well-optimized website should take less than a second to load completely.

A few essential points to increase website performance:

  • Dedicated hosting. A great hosting environment makes a huge difference. I’m a big advocate for using dedicated hosting rather than a shared hosting environment like Godaddy. However, dedicated hosting can be expensive. Microsoft Azure is definitely my go-to option.
  • Website Caching. Another great way to improve a websites loading time is by implementing a caching engine. This allows your site to render without requesting external resources.
  • Your website size. Ideally, the total size of a web page should be less than 1MB. Now, this can be tricky to achieve if your site has a lot of media and resources on the site. Image compression can help with decreasing your website file size.

Hopefully, this article provides a better understanding of what it takes to create a robust online marketing strategy. It won’t hurt getting a digital marketing agency like Ullaco Corp to assist you in this process.

We’ve helped a lot of small to large businesses across North America in building a perfect online marketing strategy. Always remember that the primary goal of any marketing strategy is to increase your brand awareness and overall corporate sales.