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Barristers & Solicitors Website Design & Development Design Option 1

Leclair Thibeault Barristers & Solicitors asked Ullaco Corporation to redesign and redevelop their entire website. Their previous website was outdated and roughly 15 years old. This specific Barristers & Solicitors Website Design was part of 3 complete designs offered to the client.


As a matter of fact, we take great pride in our Website Design and Development services. Therefore, we aim to provide three unique website design options to choose from with most Web Design Projects we do.


Furthermore, we spend a significant amount of time in Planning and Research. Professionalism is essential with any Barristers & Solicitors website design. Here are a few highlights of this site design & website development project.

Few Key Points of this website design:

    • First Off, Calgary Barristers & Solicitors website design was the main aim of this project. Therefore, we made sure that “Calgary” was persistent within this design.
    • Secondly, the typography used in this Barristers & Solicitors website design was “Droid Sans Regular” a Google web based font. We always aim to use Google Font as much as possible.
    • Third,  the Primary colors for this Barristers & Solicitors website design is a variation Light and Dark Blue. Light Black and Gray are the secondary colors of this site layouts.
    • Fourth, This Barristers & Solicitors website design is Responsive. All our Website Designs are Responsive by nature.
    • Fifth, we went for a clean-cut menu design with subheadings. The Subheadings provides essential insight within the Menu Items.
    • The Header is equipt with a Call-To-Action box that contains the phone number of the company. In essence, The Phone Number Call-To-Action allows the users to easy access the contact details. A great feature to have, especially for a corporate website design.
    • Finally, we decided to go with a Simplistic footer layout site design.  With that said, the footer of this site is clean and straightforward with basic contact information at the top.


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Barristers & Solicitors, Corporate Branding, UX UI Design, Website Design, Website Development, Website Redesign
Barristers & Solicitors Website Design, corporate branding, website design