4 facts you should know before you Hire

Web Design. 4 facts you should know before you hire.


The wonders of web design. Every Business needs a website, and good for you that you are starting to look into getting a new website or redesigning your current website. I spend a lot of time and effort every day getting small to medium sized business owners to grasp how important a website is to the success of their company.

It’s fascinating to see that there are still companies out there operating without the power of a good web design. It’s important to realize that your website can either make your business a success or well, the opposite.

In this article, I will discuss the 4 facts you should know before you hire a web designer, a webmaster, web developer or website agency. Ultimately you need to make the right decision. Your average business owner overlooks these key points mentioned in this article. In fact, most website projects fail because people miss out on these 4 web design points.

The Price is Right.

Ah yes, one of my favorite topics to discuss. How do you know that the quote you received from that web design agency is correct? First of all, most website design companies (especially to affordable ones) like too strong arm you in a random fixed price. They always like to start low to lure their potential customers. Once you’ve bit the bait, the hidden charges start adding up.

I once had to enquire a website design firm to help us complete a project. The deadline for this particular client was getting near to its end, and I had to get some small tasks done. Now with my experience, I know that you should NEVER go for the cheap web designer. Why? Well, you pay for what you get.

I’ve learned that offshore help never works, culture and time zones make it impossible to get things done. I ended up hiring a web designer from the States to get the project done.

Was the web design project a success? Absolutely! I avoided going for the cheap option and got a moderately expensive web developer to get the job done. The motto of the story. Don’t cheap out! Avoid these web design agencies promising a website in one week with a price tag of $400.

Always read the small print

Always read the small print. Well if there is any. You’ll be surprised at how many website design agencies jump into a project without any paperwork or legality. Not to mention the business owners not knowing what to expect.

Perhaps the web design agency will complete the site today, tomorrow or in a year! Always but always remember that each and every web design project should have some paperwork.

Your more advanced or experienced web design agency will provide you with a Statement of Work. A Statement of work is like a blueprint of a building. This document or documents outline the Key points of the project. A well-written statement of Work should have these five essential web design and web development elements within:

  • Objectives
  • Project In-Scope
  • Project Out-of-Scope
  • Risk Analysis
  • Budget and Effort

The Budget and Effort section will explain to you exactly how and why the web design agency got to the quoted dollar amount. Now, on the contrary, don’t expect a detailed SOW (Statement of Work) from a cheap web design firm, as a matter of fact, don’t expect any paperwork from them. What you pay is what you get.

What you pay is what you get

First off I know I’m saying “what you pay is what you get” a lot in this article. However, I’m saying it for an excellent reason. If you want a qualified, dependable and reliable web design firm, then you need to be willing to spend what their service is worth. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying a and spend $20 000 on a website, what I’m trying to say is don’t go and spend $500 and expect a great website that will turn heads.

In my spare time, I like to request quotes from random website design agencies around the world. I like to do this to stay in shape and see how my competitors are handling or treating a potential customer. One thing I’ve noticed is that your more affordable web design firms like to sell cheap low-end website templated websites and pretend that it’s original and specially catered for your business. Most of the time these websites design agencies give everyone a bad reputation especially the hard working type that deliver Quality of Quantity.

The Power of Communication

Any experienced web designer or web developer will always tell you that communication is key. Regardless of the situation communication is essential to the success of any web design or web development project. To put this in perspective, always be over observant went communicating with a web design agency. If you for any reason you feel doubt or feel that no one is returning your emails or calls, then STOP right there and move on.

Do not let bad communication overrule and complicate your website project. My rule of thumb is. If I do not hear back within the hour, then move on, If no one answers the phone or call you back in the next hour then move on. I’ve taken on multiple web design projects where the former website design agency was fired because they never reached the deadline or communicated in detail with the client

In conclusion, you have to make sure that the web design company you’ve selected is the right fit. In general, always avoid the cheap web agencies, they will only give you more headache and probably deliver something that looks like an 8-year-old made it. Remember the paperwork and it does not hurt to call their previous clients and ask them if they where happy with their service.