So you’re thinking of using a Website Builder?

So you’re thinking of using a Website Builder?


Website Builders have been with us for quite some time, and there are a lot out there to choose from. From the most popular to the least popular, they all seem to promise the small business owner the world but in reality, a website builder never really live up to its expectations. It seems like each time you open up your favorite search engine another annoying website builder ad pops up. So why are they so successful in convincing people that it works?

In this article, I will discuss the Key Reasons why a website builder never works. Furthermore, I will discuss the importance of your website’s online marketing strategy and why you as the small business owner or website owner might never reach your site potential with a website builder. I’ll also discuss why website design is a profession and finally, how “Cookie Cutter” website design can harm your company or corporate identity.


Why DIY Website Builder Software Never Work


It’s fantastic! Being able to design and develop a website in a few minutes make life so much easier. I don’t need to pay for a website designer or website developer; I can log into this revolutionary website builder site and start cracking away.

In an ideal world this would’ve been spot on and might’ve worked, there’s nothing better than not paying or paying very little to get a product or a service. However, there are quite a few major key elements a website builder skips.

First off a website builder won’t help you with research. Any professional UX or UI designer knows that proper site research is essential to any website success. A good looking well thought after website that is not created by a website builder have these four things in mind:

  1. User Interface or User Experience Research based on your company goals
  2. Cutting-Edge Professional Website design.
  3. Custom Website Development. Bending the website to what you want it to do.
  4. Original Website Content created to help your website outrank your competitors.


A website builder does not have any of these four key ingredients and therefore a site that is built using a website builder will not be scalable or efficient in helping your business outperform your competitors. 90% of Small to Medium sized business that used a site builder had to redesign and redevelop their website within the first year. I’ve been in this industry for more than seven years, and numerous times have I had clients come to us to redesign and redevelop a website that was built using a website builder.


A common question we get:

“So should I start off with a site builder?” In all honestly, you have to do what you feel is right. I always recommend all my clients; rather invest the money now and start off on the right track. Removing a site built on a website builder is damage control, and damage control is never as successful as doing it right from the start, remember when a professional website agency goes in and redesigns and redevelops your site, they will remove the current website and whatever it did for your branding good or bad.


The importance of your Website Online Marketing Strategy.


It seems like every time I open up my mail there’s another email from someone that guarantees me the first spot on Google. It’s funny they never actually send those email from a legitimate source so why should I even open that email? Why should I read an email sent from Gmail or Yahoo account? Legitimacy is probably one of the MOST important aspects that would make your website a success or not.

If you can’t prove your company is legit then why should I buy from you? How will Google know your site and or Online Presence is Legit? A Website Builder cannot create an Online Marketing Strategy for you, it can only create a basic “Cookie-Cutter” website, one size fits all ordeal.

A website builder tends to leave out the Overall Online Marketing Strategy, most of the time it’s all about the visual aesthetics of the site. There’s no Online planning involve, you create pages and hope for the best. Fingers crossed it works. People simply build pages, landing pages or subpages because that’s what the competition is doing and as a result, your website never out-perform your competition. Each website project needs content consistency and robust research. Furthermore, your business like any other business out there, is unique therefore it is essential to conduct thorough research before jumping into creating your website.


Website Design is a Profession!


Imagine this. You’ve just saved up enough money to purchase your very first home. You’ve decided to buy a newly developed home within an up and coming community. Are you (A) going to build the house yourself, knowing absolutely nothing from building a house whatsoever? Or are you (B) going to get an experienced home builder to build the house for you? So would you risk your time, money and effort and develop that house yourself or are you going to get an experienced company out to do the work for you? Obviously (B) sounds like the right decision however it would probably be the most expensive option.

A website works the same way. Website Design and Website Development is a Profession, and it takes years and years of experience to be able to deliver a high-end website. You don’t build your own house, and therefore you shouldn’t create your own website with a website builder.  UX UI Professional should develop your site, one with an enormous amount of experience. Unfortunately, as with any other profession, there’s a lot of website companies and freelancers out there that have absolutely no clue in what they’re doing. Most importantly never go for the cheap or affordable option. What you pay is what you get. Your website is your company’s future, rather invest in it now and reap the benefits now and later.

I’ve never in all my years of Website Design seen an amazing, good-looking, Original site built by a website builder!


The “Cookie-Cutter” website design approach


One of the key issues most small business owners have with website builders is that your website looks the same or similar to that of the other business owner using that same website builder. Yes, perhaps you have the option of choosing a site design from let’s say 500 templates, however, keep in mind that those templates are reused a thousand times day. You will never be original and in today’s day and age you cannot afford to NOT be Original, you cannot afford NOT standing out.

I like to use the term “Cookie-Cutter” when referring to a website builder, because in all honesty that’s exactly what your site will be, just another poorly written website (In all respect). Break free from this conformity and rather spend the extra money and get someone with an excellent track record to do it for you.

I would like to leave you with this: “a great website design is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, abnormality, hobbies, and humor.”  Don’t settle for less, do your homework and choose the right Website Design agency that would help you and your business reach for the sky!