Your Website Design. The Good, The Bad and the Incredible

Your Website Design. The Good, The Bad and the Incredible


Website design, the pure beauty of showcasing what your business is all about. Website design is true creativity and digital art combined to give you a great tool to market and sell your company. We’ve all seen the good side and the dark side of the web. A Good looking website that changes the way we look at website design or quite the opposite A bad looking website design that’s probably outdated and is in need of serious attention.

In this article, I will be discussing the Good, The Bad, and the outright Incredible. How do you know if a website design is fantastic? What makes people react positively or negatively towards a site design or site development. Furthermore, I will showcase some examples of incredible looking website designs vs. awful, outdated website designs. Last but not least I will give you some guidelines to determine if your site is Incredible looking or not.

Old Design versus New  Design

Before we can determine whether a website design or development is new or old, we first need to understand the basics behind why you have a website.

Your Website or your website design should be the pillar of your organization. It should be the core fundamental building block of how you engage and communicate with your potential customers or clients. Some clients typically ask me common questions like these:

“Why should I update my website 4 or 5 times a decade?”,

“I’m making enough money as it is, why should I spend money on my website design?”,

“I’m ranking at first place on Google, why should I change that?”


“I don’t care how my website looks as long as it generates leads.”

All of these questions mentioned above are spot on heck I would’ve asked the same questions if I wasn’t in the Website Design Industry.

Here’s the thing, a website just like any other branding tool should be refreshed at least once every two years. Why? Well, how many times can you run a TV commercial before it gets annoying and dull? Not too long especially if it’s on high rotation. The same goes for your website. An excellent website gets overhauled at least once every two years.

I had a client recently tell me that he is not interested in redesigning his 20-year-old website design because he’s already making money. Heck if you have that mindset then you and your business will never grow. You have to invest money, to make money, and unfortunately, marketing and website design is one of those things you have to spend some time and effort to make it to work.

In addition to investing your time, money and effort in your website design, you also need to keep in mind that not all website designs are rated equally. Each and every website design should be treated with the respect it, and it’s paying owner needs.

Don’t settle for the least expensive or most affordable; it will damage you and your business in the long run.

The following are a few examples of good looking website designs versus Outdates and bad looking website designs:

Good Looking Websites:

Links to these sites: Apoa   Finanbox


And then there’s Bad Looking Websites:

And yes this is still a site, a local Franchise that sells camera equipment. Not a great website design indeed. This site design looks like it came from the early 90’s. Link to Saneal Cameras

Stuck in Time. Dinosaur Mode ON

One of the major issues we as website designers struggle with is getting a client out of the Dinosaur Mode. They typically stuck in the past because they believe it works. Back in the day, I used to work for an automotive company that strongly believed that a website should be bright red with yellow accents and should have flashing banners popping or flashing everywhere on the site. Wasn’t sure why they hired me because most of the changes I tried to implement was disregarded, Why? Because their strategy works or so, they thought. Don’t be that guy or that business that’s stuck in time. With today’s fast pace trends, and technology you cannot afford being stuck in time.

The Right Approach

So what’s The Right Approach when it comes to website design? Well first off, be open for change. Be adaptable with your site design. What works this year might not work for you next year. Don’t miss out on potential customers or clients. Most people react to the first impression. If your website design is not allowing that first impression to be incredible, then you are losing valuable potential customers or clients.

Be in the Now. Don’t let your competitors overrule your business with an amazing thought after website design. Be original and be the first. Show your clients that you mean business. A good website design will allow you to get your business objectives across.

In addition, I highly recommend never to use a site builder to create a website design. I’ve written an article that explains website builders in more detail: So you’re thinking of using a Website Builder?


You need to assess your Website design and determine whether you need to get your website redesigned and redeveloped. Always remember to do your research. Great website designers are few and far apart, so make sure to select the right one. Here are a few specific points to determine if your site design is Good, Bad or Incredible:

  • Boxed shaped layout or Wide Full-screen layout. A modern website design always makes use of the entire real-estate of the visible screen.
  • Design Alignments. A good Website design is like an architect drawing. Everything has its place, and everything is measured by the pixels.
  • Responsive Website Design. Your Website adapts to all modern browsers. Tablets and mobile devices.
  • Less is more. A great website design is simplistic and brings your business message across in less than 5 seconds.
  • Delicious site media. Your Website design makes use of Images, Videos, and Podcasts to improve the visitor’s website experience.