Website Optimization 101: The Art Of Conversion

J BothaJ Botha
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In the past week, I’ve rewritten my Google Partner – Google Analytics exam. As a result of rewriting my Google Analytics exam, I’ve decided to write an article about Website Optimization and the Art of Conversion.

Most of us have a basic understanding of website conversion. However, only a very few know how Website conversion and website optimization works. With that said, part of website optimization is to understand the core marketing basics of your own business or brand.

Website Optimization is essential for the grow and improvement of your business. Keep in mind that website optimization does entail adding or removing current online marketing strategies. And with that said, I know from experience that only a very few business owners like “Change.”

In this article, I will touch base on UX (User Experience) Accessibility, your website vs. your visitor. Second, growing your audience and increasing your Online Reputation. Third, I will discuss Website Visibility and improvement. Finally, Change. Why changing for the better is better than not changing at all.


First Off, Website Optimization and Optimization of your Online Presence is key to any successful website big or small. Having the knowledge and analytical power to predict your website behavior is ideal for conversion. However, to gain that experience and to understand the key aspects of website optimization, we first need to grow our audience. After all, a website is not useful if there’s no audience.

There are quite a few ways you can build your business audience, however, your marketing budget plays a major role in dictating what you can do and what you cannot do.

A few years ago I designed and developed a website for a local liquor store that specializes in importing vintage wine. Obliviously, they like to target the more upper-class individual that seeks out expensive wine and anything that goes with it.

In addition to designing and developing their website, they wanted my help in growing their website audience. Not to mention that the website domain was more than 20 years old at that time so growing an audience with a mature domain name made it much easier. The following are key points to remember when growing your audience:

  • First, growing an Audience can be expensive. Ensure that you have an extensive action plan before you begin.
  • Second, it takes time. As with anything else in life, some things do take time. However keep track of every effort.
  • Third, get a professional like myself to help you. Growing an audience can and will consume your business day.
  • Fourth, make use of free Online and Offline Marketing Material. Word of Mouth is the best free form of marketing.


So let’s say you’ve grown your audience, you’ve created a compelling Facebook page and spent a $1000. As a result, you’ve generated roughly 2 500 Facebook likes leading to a large Online Facebook Audience. Awesome, you’re already on the right track. Not only did you surpass your competition but you’ve also increased your overall Online visibility. However, with all that said. You still need a website that can turn those likes into conversions.

Website Visibility improvements are essential when trying to convert a site visitor into a website lead. For a more detailed breakdown on website visibility, please read my article: Great Website Design. Easy Steps to Better Your Design.


User Experience is the hot topic at the moment. Back in the two thousand, we used websites to try and impress our visitors. The more complex your site was, the better you chances were of captivating your visitor. However, we slowly realized that complexity and advanced graphics doesn’t help with website conversion. For this reason, we started spending time in understanding how the Visitor Experiences a website.

User Experience and the Accessibility thereof comes from analyzing your site and determining where to improve and where not to improve. Some sites or landing pages don’t need any improvement if so then great. However, don’t use that excuse for everything, let the facts speak for itself. Here are a few points to remember:

  • Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate items on your website. Keep your site to the point and easily accessible.
  • Don’t overlook your target audience. Your business target audience determines your website’s User Experience. If you have a business in arranging summer camps for kids, then your site should accommodate for both Children and Parents.
  • Stick with the times. Make sure your website design is up to standards and modern. No one likes going to a site where they still use gradients and beveled buttons.


Website Change! Do it, get used to it. Part of a great website optimization strategy is innovation. In fact, the more you change and improve the quicker your site will reach its optimal Website Optimization Zen. As I’ve mentioned in this article, people do not like change. On the contrary, you need a website that’s scalable to your business model and scalable to regular content and design changes. Some business owners struggle to understand the importance of change and how change can improve their Online Marketing tenfold.

In Conclusion, always make sure you maintain your website, keep it up to date and ensure that you have a robust Online Marketing strategy. Website Optimization is part of a long-term process that will pay off eventually. Perhaps an Experienced UX UI Professional is all you need to Kick-Start your website to success.