Website Redesign. Why it’s Important for Your Business

Website Redesign.  Why it’s important for your Business


In my line of work, I get this question a lot. Why should I spend money to redesign a website that’s already doing what it’s supposed to do? First of, I totally get it. It only makes basic business sense, however, keep in mind that in the modern day and age technology is moving at an incredibly fast pace. Staying behind is simply not an option.

In this article, I will go into detail as to why redesigning your website regularly is necessary. Second, I will discuss why times change and why your website should always stay current. Third, perhaps a fresh start is all you need to get those potential visitors to convert to a lead. And last but not least I will give you some insights on how to stay up to date with your website and Online Presence.

Regular Website Design

Regular site redesign. As a small business owner, this is a very tough pill to swallow. Spending money on a website or website design might be a difficult thing to do. How do you know for certain that your website or Online presence is doing well? Well, to answer that question we first need to ask.

Do you have an Online Marketing Strategy? Most small to medium sized business owners do indeed have a marketing recipe that works for them. However, most of the time small businesses don’t have am Online Marketing Strategy. An Online marketing strategy is essential to understanding your online market. It also helps to determine whether your website is working for you or not.

Part of an excellent Online marketing strategy you should plan for a regular website redesign. Getting your website redesigned is like purchasing a new vehicle every few years. If you are willing to spend the right amount of money you will get a car that will last you for years to come. However, as we all know a vehicle do age and with age comes maintenance. At some point, you will need to make the decision. Do I keep maintaining this vehicle or should I purchase a new car? The same goes for a website design or website redesign.

I always recommend getting an experienced web designer (like myself) in to do the job right. Get your website redesign done right and you won’t need to redesign your website anytime soon. Same goes for maintenance. A website needs regular maintenance to keep up to date. Not to mention that your site should be Optimized to reach its fullest potential.

Times change and so does your site

Times change and at a very fast pace. However, a well-designed website design will last you for at least 2 to 5 years. It is important to understand that websites can get outdated quite quickly especially if it’s a cheap low-end site. You need to be able to determine whether a site design is modern or not. Apart from the design you also need to be able to identify whether your website is doing what it’s supposed to do.

I once had a client that used a third party vendor to host, design and maintain their website. Apart from this third party company providing terrible customer service they thought that one old-school website design would fit all their customers. Needless to say, I quickly convinced my client to get rid of this third party agency that was charging a lot of money for basically nothing.

In the early two-thousands, it was pretty common to see third party website design company use this tactic to save money however times has changed. Each client and each business should be treated differently and should have a unique strategy catered to their goals of activities. 4 Facts you should know before you hire someone

A fresh start is all you might need

One of the primary reasons why business owners or managers do not want to redesign their website is because of SEO Search Engine Optimization. And rightfully so, you don’t want to lose your ranking on certain keywords. SEO ranking is what makes your website a success. With that said there are many ways to skin a cat. Make sure to use an experienced website design agency to redevelop your site. If done correctly using a 301 Redirect strategy, you should not lose any ranking positions. Getting the right web developer is all, it takes.

Of course with a new website comes new opportunities. A fresh start can help you rank for certain keywords or Long-tail keywords you struggled to rank on with your previous website. Redesigning and starting from scratch shows popular search engines like Google that you are staying up to date and this in the long term helps with Search Engine Optimization rankings.

Stay Up to Date

In conclusion to this article, the primary key takeaway here is to stay up to date with your website design and website presence. No one likes to go to a website that looks like it was built in the nineties. Furthermore, no one like a Flash built website. Redesigning your website every 3 to 5 years might be difficult to grasp however it will help you in the long term. Always make sure to select the right website design agency and always keep in mind that your website is the face of your business. Very few people contact companies without going to their website first.