Website Builders & DIY Web Designs

S McClureS McClure
Website builder is not always a better way to go

Have you been asking yourself why you should hire a professional web designer? Especially when there are many free, do it yourself website builder options out there?

There are a couple clear reasons why hiring a professional company is the way to go.

Why Should you hire a Professional Company?

The biggest one is it saves you time. Doing it yourself can be fun and is something you’ll be proud of – at first. After a while it’ll become time-consuming to always be updating and optimizing your site for the best user experience. By hiring the right web development company, this is something they will take care of. Giving you a chance to just focus on your business.

Downfall of Free Website Builders

A free site builder only gives you templates to work from. Which means there are dozens, if not hundreds, of people out there using the same template. Sure, your content and photos will be different, but why wouldn’t you want your website to be as unique as you are? Your options are also more limited when it comes to what the platform can support. Images or media files you had hoped to incorporate may not actually work on the site builder you’ve selected.

Stay Up To Date with the latest trends

How likely are you to stay caught up on the latest web design or SEO trends? Not keeping up as things change means your website could quickly be left behind. A professional web development company, however, will be in the know because it’s their business to be. Hiring out for your website also means you have a support team to call for help, or with questions.

A Great First Impression Lasts!

We’ve said it before, your website is the virtual storefront to your business. If it’s not done well, or in a way that appeals to visitors, then it will likely drive people away. You want to make a great first impression. The easiest way to do this is by calling in professional help. Not only will you get that unique look mentioned above, but a web development company will be able to make sure your site is responsive on all platforms and ensure your get faster load times. If your site takes too long too load, it’s just one more reason to drive visitors away.

If you’re still looking for another reason why using a free website builder isn’t ideal, this is it. You don’t get to keep your website. You own the domain, and all the content, sure, but you can’t take a website you built using tools from a free site with you over to a new host. Which means if you want to switch hosts, which happens often, you’ll have to start again from scratch and re-add all your content.